About Us


There’s a place where winter makes time stand still. Where we remember that magical feeling of the perfect snow day, and can’t help but smile. Take a moment, breathe it in.

When the sun rises, the crunch of snow leads to adventures on ski trails, the woosh of ice skates on fresh rinks, and cozy cuddles by the fire.

Hear the laughter of families exploring colourful, snow-draped buildings as they run hand-in-hand between ice sculptures and live performances, stopping now and then for a hot chocolate—or two.

If this sounds more like a snow globe than an actual place, you’re picturing it right.

Every night, laughter and joy echo through hotel corridors as children discover cookies on silver platters. Each one freshly made—just for them—before they nestle down with happy hearts and fresh milk moustaches.

At Jack Frost Winterfest, you’ll create cherished family memories, and share moments of love that you’ll remember forever. Because everywhere you look, there’s magic to be found.

When we celebrate the magic of winter, we remember that special joy that only children feel when it snows. And it reminds us why winter and wonder go so well together.

Welcome to Jack Frost Winterfest, where winter comes to play.